SERVICES . How we assist you

Determine specific needs and create appropriate solutions.

Organize events and assist the hosts to achieve optimum results.

Combine or/and upgrade your digital technologies and devices while improving effectiveness.

Increase efficiency and maximize revenues.

Develop ideas, execute and capture them in digital media publications.

Strong points

communication and networking
analytical thinking
problem-solving orientation
multitasking management
organisation & ergonomy

SERVICES . What we can combine

Project Management

“Success needs a goal and teamwork is the best instrument to express creative ideas”.

A clear goal is essential for effective results that can lead to incredible success.

StF-management can provide this by transforming ideas to future-vision ways to spread them to the audience.

Data Services

For your different needs, we have always a solution.

• We find the right service and create the required, customized files for you!
• Development of Excel files, diagrams & flyers, forms & interactive documents.
• Assisting docs and Presentations

We put things in order for you!

Recommendations & Testimonials

Herr Papachristopoulos hat wesentlich dazu beigetragen, dass die MINT-EC-Schriftenreihe an den Start gehen konnte. Mit diesem Instrument haben die MINT-EC-Lehrkräfte die Möglichkeit, Fortschritte in Schul- und Unterrichtsentwicklung zu dokumentieren und anderen verfügbar zu machen. In enger Zusammenarbeit mit Lehrkräften und Partnern aus Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft entwickelt Herr Papachristopoulos seit etlichen Jahren Veröffentlichungen zu unterschiedlichen MINT-Themen. Ihn zeichnen große Zuverlässigkeit und Engagement aus sowie die besondere Fähigkeit, sich zugleich im Team einzufügen und Gruppenaufgaben zum Erfolg zu führen, als auch selbstständig große Arbeitszusammenhänge zu bearbeiten und erfolgreich abzuschließen.

Dr. Niki Sarantidou, Geschäftsführerin – MINT-EC

Stefanos and I worked together on a publishing team to create an eBook for the iBookstore. Stefanos has convinced me to start this project and he proved to be incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. He is a talented, hard-working and a joy to collaborate with. He’s gifted with efficiency, organization, and time-management skills. I have only optimistic predictions for his career trajectory.

Asteris Koutoulas, Author, Filmmaker, Producer – Asti Music

I had the pleasure to work with him in the creation of an eBook titled “Realistic Memories” ( The cooperation was excellent not only because Stefanos knows very well what he does, not only because he is methodical and consistent. Mainly because he knows how to listen and understand the others in depth. He is creative and knows how to immediately implement a project to the end.

Maria Goussia-Rizou, Content Writer – Harokopio University of Athens

Stefanos is a very intuitive, extra communicative person and results proven professional, specializing in audiovisual implementations in the Greek market. It was a pressure to work with him, because he’s a hard worker and he is provided with team spirit and technical skills.

Dr. Christos Papachristos, Vice President – Products & Solutions Development – Yahsat
We have hired Mr. Stefanos Papachristopoulos as a business consultant and auditor for our internal business practices, structure and efficiency. Mr. Papachristopoulos has performed a thorough audit of our business and delivered a well-documented report on efficiency issues, improved collaboration, as well as, network and computer technology issues. Furthermore, his excellent understanding of the tasks involved, generated numerous, hands on recommendations which were successfully implemented within the given time frame.
Michael JA Tupay, Founder & CEO at Earthblink Limited

Stefanos is one of the best-organized project managers I ever met. We worked on a project together in the previous year. Stefanos was the initiator and main force behind a successful event „KulTour“, bringing together art and culture from different countries. I hope we will continue this great international project after the pandemic crisis. It‘s always a pleasure to work with such an inspiring professional. Stefanos is a brilliant international networker (see his impressive network @StF-management!) and I really admire his networking skills! Not many people are so efficient as Stefanos. He definitely can work under pressure and still stay focused on his and his team’s tasks. In the team, he is a very supportive and open-minded advisor, which operates in a result-driven way. I strongly recommend Stefanos to everyone who is looking for great networking and event & project management expert!

Martyna Gressel, Head of Marketing – Freelancer

Stefanos helped me design and teach a course to K-12 teachers on how to utilize technology in teaching. The course was built around Blackboard Coursesites, but showcased many other technologies as well.

Nicos Rompapas, Executive Director at Center for Liberal Studies

I have worked with Stefanos to publish my first eBook, “Μαραθώνιες Διαδρομές”. He had a very good process in place guiding me step by step to accomplish my objective. The biggest plus for Stefanos is that he combines creativity and the know how to get the job done. He is focused on target and along with his excellent organizational skills he delivers on time. I will be glad to cooperate again with Stefanos to publish my next book.

Christos Papazachopoulos, Regional Finance Director – Perrigo

Stefanos has readiness of mind and the ability to analyze issues very well. Due to that he managed his project very successfully. His work behavior was distinguished by his sense of responsibility and his goal orientation. He possessed an extensive and updated expertise, which he effectively used in practice. His behavior regarding his colleagues was always faultless, and contributed to the very good working climate.

Alexandros Nafpliotis, Deputy HR Director – Hellenic Shipyards

Stefanos proved to be a charming and knowledgeable person to work with. Being patient and understanding for rather complex technology cases, Stefanos always succeeded in leading this to a good end. A plus!

Frederik Vroman, Sales and Business Development Manager – Sioen Industries

I have cooperated closely with Stefanos in the past in the frame of various projects and initiatives. Stefanos is a great person and worker. He is a highly professional and knowledgeable person in the area of publishing and has experience and knowledge covering all the aspects of the publishing industry! As a person, he is very organized and results oriented, trying to achieve always the best output for his clients. As a member of a working group, Stefanos, always tries to achieve consensus and support in all collective decisions, while when in a leading role, aims at build trust and understanding by all the members of the working team.
I would recommend him to anyone. He would be a valuable asset to any business project or endeavor!

Takis Athanasiou, Business Consultant – Freelancer

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