Project, presentation | “1. KulTour am Mittelmeer”

An interesting networking opportunity that brought together professionals from culture, literature and gastronomy.




Taverna NOTOS, Berlin
Greek Mediterranean cuisine

Part of StF

Knowing people with outstanding skills makes you always admire their work. When you want to be innovative and unique, the idea of creating relationships with such people inspires. With the StF-management way of networking you gain knowledge, understanding and appreciation. At the same time, you talk about your work, get ideas, help, inspire, progress as a person and a professional. Most of all, you join forces and get focussed exposure.

Development process

Tonia Alvarez is a Spanish artist living in Berlin for many years and Andreas Deffner is a German writer living in Potsdam.
Our idea was to combine art with gastronomy. Both artists love the Greek food, so we presented their work in a Greek tavern in Berlin. We organized a four-day event and we were pleased about the support of Anna Mavrikou, a Greek-German journalist and Martyna Gressel, a Polish marketing expert.

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