eBook, presentation | “Η ΜΕΓΑΛΗ ΑΠΟΣΤΑΣΗ”

Reference to the Authentic Athens Marathon of 2014 which the author experienced as a runner himself.




Galatsi Cultural Center “KAMINI”, Athens

Part of StF

StF in collaboration with Publishopia have created and published this particular eBook for and about the author with material based on both of his roles, as a marathon runner and as a video maker. Its title means “The great distance”.
This interactive eBook has been officially presented in a special presentation event in Athens.


There are 42 chapters in this eBook, exactly so many kilometres as the authentic Marathon of Athens that the author participated in. In this interactive eBook a lot of its electronic publishing capabilities are used. Sound, images and videos bring life into this eBook that allows the reader or the user to experience the common feelings of a Marathon runner.
The author combines his memories of his personal experience and at the same time captures his professional involvement as a videographer in a multiple way.

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