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PORTFOLIO. A quick look into our work outcome


“StF-management” Projects have a multifunctional character.
Each purpose defines the objective and together with you, we create the combination that will mark your project as a success!

Flexibility and ideas, as well as experience, will help promote your work most beneficially.
Organizing a project and handling the development process may hide a lot of challenges.
A successful arrangement consists of building bonding relationships that are rewarding to everybody.


Interactive digital publications

Create and publish interactive eBooks at online bookstores (Apple, Amazon, Google). Make your own eBook!

Data Services

Assisting docs – Presentations

We find the right service and create the required, customized files you need. Development of Excel files, diagrams & flyers, forms & interactive instruments.
We put things in order for you!


Material and results from diverse activities of MINT-EC Network and the network schools in Germany are brought together and published online in the MINT-EC series of educational publications, called „MINT-EC-Schriftenreihe“.

StF in action


Inspire. Plan. Make happen. Enjoy success.

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