” We produce
efficient solutions
for you “.

PORTFOLIO. A quick look into our work outcome


“StF-management” Events have multifunctional character.
Each purpose defines the objective and together with you, we create the combination that will mark your event as a success!

eBooks . Interactive digital publications

Create and publish interactive eBooks at online bookstores (Apple, Amazon, Google). Make your own eBook!

Digital Services

Assisting docs – Presentations – Organization

We find the right service and create the required, customized files you need. Development of Excel files, diagrams & flyers, forms & interactive instruments. We put things in order for you!


Material and results from diverse activities of MINT-EC Network and the network schools in Germany are brought together and published online in the MINT-EC series of educational publications, called „MINT-EC-Schriftenreihe“.

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StF in action


Inspire. Plan. Make happen. Publish.


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