Process Management

StF-management is responsible for the process management of the “MINT-EC-Schriftenreihe” by MINT-EC. This includes:

  • Management of the whole implementation process of the MINT-EC series of publications
  • Merging manuscripts
  • Administration of copyrights and right of use
  • Set-up and maintenance of cloud services
  • Follow-up with participants about open issues
  • Communication with author groups
  • Proofreading
  • Page layout and publication

MINT-EC is the national excellence network of secondary schools in Germany, which have a distinctive profile in Mathematics, IT, Natural sciences, Technology (MINT).
Material and results from diverse activities of this excellence network and the network schools are brought together and published in the MINT-EC series of publications, called „MINT-EC-Schriftenreihe“. These paper publications and their online downloadable files support school administrators and subject teachers in the qualitative development of schools and in the creation of a lively and realistic MINT-teaching.

Assisting docs

Development of Excel files


Diagrams & Flyers


Forms & interactive Instruments