Project, exhibition, eBook | “Brain strom”

Αn interactive presentation about the work of an artist. StF as a publisher meets the painter Androniki Chila and togehter they produce a multi-touch eBook. Additionally, a group exhibition in Germany.


2018 & 2019


a|e Galerie, Potsdam

Part of StF

Together with the creation of the eBook, StF introduced to the artist a gallerist with whom they were already collaborating. As a result was for the painter got invited to a group exhibition in Germany (Berlin-Athen-Potsdam).


The eBook “Brain strom” was created after StF’s direct collaboration with the painter Androniki Chila. Their productive communication went on for about six months as there was no original concept but only their common desire. They decided to deal with only three past exhibitions and to add elements later from the team exhibition in Germany.

Photo gallery of the project

The eBook

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