Project, eBook, presentation | “Free Our Media!”

Free Our Media! is the result of a workshop organized by European Youth Press in collaboration with illustrators. StF created and published online the interactive eBook, which was officially presented in Berlin.


June-November 2015


Comicbücherei Renate, Berlin

Part of StF

StF has collaborated with European Youth Press and all the artists participating in this project (Free Our Media!).
The main aim was to gather participants contributions and compile them into a stunning comic book illustrating how media freedom can be used as a tool for journalists and policy-makers.
Texts, illustrations, interviews and other digital files were available to create an interactive eBook along with the print version of the book.


This interactive eBook is a collective comic eBook created and published next to a print version of the “Free Our Media!” comic book, which was published in autumn 2015.
It paints a dark picture of the increasingly endangered press freedom in 14 European countries. At the same time the stories of the book also give hope, because new media serve as alternative platforms on which journalist/artists can express themselves freely, and media monopolies are made increasingly visible in public.


For this excellent opportunity we thank all the project participants, European Youth Press, especially Yorgos Konstantinou, Marcus Mazzoni and of course Anna Saraste!

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The eBook

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Editing details

Here you can see some editing details from the interactive eBook.

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