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  • Do you have a need that will improve your work result and therefore your quality of living?
  • Do you need assistance organizing, planning, or executing an idea?

StF-management and Stefanos Papachristopoulos can create a budget-related solution, to your needs.

Contact us via email to book an appointment and have the first talk. We will identify together and analyze your request defining the best solution for your budget.

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“StF-management” is represented by Stefanos Papachristopoulos.

Stefanos was born in Athens and studied at the Technical University of Berlin (Dipl.-Ing.).
His career journey as a mechanical engineer was a transformation process for him. Engineering and past experiences in large companies in the industrial sector allow him to learn new skills and improve him to be transformed into a passionate and innovative Project Manager with the willingness to step out of his comfort zone and apply creative solutions that combine simplicity and creativity.


How we assist you

  • Determine specific needs and create appropriate solutions.

  • Organize events and assist the hosts to achieve optimum results.

  • Combine or/and upgrade your digital technologies and devices while improving effectiveness.

  • Increase efficiency and maximize revenues.

  • Develop ideas, execute and capture them in digital media publications.

Present and
spread your
ideas to
the world!

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Stefanos is one of the best-organized project managers I ever met. We worked on a project together in the previous year. Stefanos was the initiator and main force behind a successful event „KulTour“, bringing together art and culture from different countries. I hope we will continue this great international project after the pandemic crisis. It‘s always a pleasure to work with such an inspiring professional. Stefanos is a brilliant international networker (see his impressive network @StF-management!) and I really admire his networking skills! Not many people are so efficient as Stefanos. He definitely can work under pressure and still stay focused on his and his team’s tasks. In the team, he is a very supportive and open-minded advisor, which operates in a result-driven way. I strongly recommend Stefanos to everyone who is looking for great networking and event & project management expert!

Martyna Gressel, Head of Marketing – Freelancer

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